Hi All! Welcome to my blog – I am so glad you’re here.

About Me:
I recently moved from small town Iowa to big city Chicago and trying to figure out what this life is all about. After gaining a degree in Communication Studies and Spanish at The University of Iowa, I am eager to find my niche in the work world. Along with finding my dream job, I am out here trying to figure out my own purpose.

As the title implies, I am a   h u g e   coffee addict and I swear it only gets worse every day. (But who’s complaining?) Running to the coffee shop isn’t just a quick caffeine fix, but an actual hobby – an expensive one, too! That’s why you’ll also find every different type of coffee/espresso machine in my kitchen cabinets to cater to my cravings.

The travel bug bit me when I was a kid and I have yet to recover. I am a huge travel junkie and am always looking for my next adventure, both overseas and here in the USA.

Current travel stats: Countries – 14, Continents – 3

This is also my first ever blog and I am so excited to be taking the plunge – something I’d been wanting to do for way too long! With that being said, please don’t hesitate to let me know of any tips, suggestions, posts you’d like to see, etc… to help me improve – ALL feedback is welcome!

About This Blog:
What you’ll find on this blog is basically a jumbled up forum of my interests, hobbies, and my journey through life (the struggle is real).

What to expect:

  1. What’s going on with me and the world
  2. Coffee appreciation
  3. Travel – past/current trips and tips
  4. Food – I love to cook! Recipes and restaurant reviews are a definite
  5. Whatever else I feel like!

My goal with this blog is just to share my passions through another passion of mine – writing. I am hoping you find value to my posts or are simply entertained by the antics of my life (aka the daily strug).

Enjoy and share! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram for bite size stories and updates on the blog!


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