You need to go to Spain. Ahora.

If you have already visited España, then you already know what I am talking about. And you probably loved it so much that you’ll continue reading this post. Or at least that is how I am.

I’m obsessed. I knew I’d love Spain for the warmer climate (at least where I’d be living) and the boys with accents, but I didn’t know how hard I would really fall in love with Spain.

My Junior year of college I was lucky enough to spend a semester in Alicante, Spain plus some. I met some of my favorite people in the world and learned more than I ever thought I could. I’ve even went back since then to visit the people I love and experience the playa and tapas that tug at my heart strings every single day.

Serious question: Why can’t you find a caña for 1 that also comes with a tapa in America??


Spain is so rich with culture, it’s hard to turn a corner without being amazed by something. The food, the music, the fashion, the architecture – everything is so Spanish. And the best part is, it is CHEAP.

If you don’t believe me, let me try to convince you. Here are _ reasons why you need to go to Spain. Like today.

  1. Food
    Have you ever tried authentic tapas served along side a beer? What about Paella Velenciana (the superior of all paellas IMO)? You are seriously missing out. Spain is known for their jamón (ham), olives and olive oil, wine, seafood, paella (a rice dish), and of course tapas aka the love of my life.
    No matter where you go, you will be able to find a little bar or café serving up cañas (small beers) for dirt cheap that also come with a tapa. This is the perfect way to meet up with friends for a few beers before hitting the clubs while getting your meal in. If you can find one of the places that serve a big plate of tapas (I need croquetas ASAP) with the purchase of a large beer, you’ve hit the jackpot. FYI Spaniards don’t eat dinner until after 10PM!

    Do not get me started on café con leche. Perfect in mid-morning by the beach after your Sunday morning stroll or in the afternoon after class or during siesta with a friend. “But isn’t that just coffee with milk?”

    Please never disrespect café con leche to my face ever again. This stuff is unreal. You will never experience coffee like this ever again. Trust me. I’ve tried everywhere. And it’s still only a euro and sometimes comes with a cookie! Can it get any better than Spanish cuisine??

    Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

  2. Nightlife
    My number one regret is not going out more often. And I went out every weekend.

    The nightlife is unreal. These people know how to party. If you’re not wearing black sheer tights with platform shoes, you’re not doing it right. These people had me going out after midnight and going home at 7am. What?? Here I might go out at 10pm and will probably be in my bed by 1am. This was a major adjustment.

    Reggaeton is nasty if you can understand the lyrics but you’ll be addicted as soon as you start listening. If I ever need to get in a party mood, this is what I turn on. Always the same rhythm and beat but keeps your toe tapping and your hips moving, no doubt. You’ll also meet the friendliest people and the best dancing men and women you’ve ever seen. The people I’ve met in clubs are still some of my favorite people today.


  3. People
    Speaking of which, the people of Spain are incredibly friendly. They’ll generously invite you to try a traditional meal, go out for café con leche, or hit the beach. Sometimes it can be hard to find your way into their friend groups, as most have been lifelong friends since they were children but they never hesitate to make you feel welcome. There are so many people I met in the clubs or in class that still make an effort to touch base.

    I met an older woman named María that changed my life with kindness. Although my Spanish isn’t the best and she doesn’t know a lick of English, we managed to create a special bond and she’ll hold a large space in my heart forever. We still keep in touch. It’s people like her that keep me coming back.

  4. La Playa
    The Mediterranean sea is nothing like your trip to South Padre Island for Spring Break. The water is actually blue – like a turquoise blue – with seemingly endless beaches. My favorite thing to do would be to bring my journal or book, lay out a blanket, and relax during the siesta hour, which is the greatest thing ever. Siesta runs from about 2pm to 5pm and gives you time to eat with family or friends and relax for a bit. There is absolutely no better way to unwind than on the beach next to the sea. Trust me.

    Plus the views are unreal:


  5. Culture
    Ok so maybe the previous four topics I’ve mentioned are all apart of the culture. But now I’m thinking the deep, rich culture Spain has.

    The first time I saw flamenco, I cried. No joke! The dancers, singers, and musicians are unreal. Who knew that clapping could be such an art? These people are so incredibly talented and passionate about what they do.


    In fact, all of Spain is passionate about everything that has to do with Spain. The different dialects, their history, the art (Gaudí, Dalí, Picasso, to name a few) are all like their prized possessions. And there’s no argument why they would think so.


Have I convinced you to go to Spain yet? If not, you must not like to travel. I promise the moment you step foot off the plane you will be submersed in some of the most culturally rich areas on this planet. You’ll be engulfed in their passion and unwound by the sea during siesta.

Hasta pronto, España. Te Queiro.



  1. It’s nice to hear about your love for Spain!

    I agree with you on the coffee. The coffee is so much nicer (and cheaper!) than back home in the UK. Sadly, the food is a little more expensive here in Barcelona than some places in the south.

    It’s also impressive that you managed to adjust to the timings for the nightlife!

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