Take a moment

Relax. Unwind. Breathe.

Self-care has become almost an obsession in today’s world. Bath bombs fizzing in a warm bath, reading books by candle light, and yoga mats litter social media. Captions reminding other users to spend more “Me Time” and check in with themselves more frequently. Is this obsession healthy or just another facade?

Let’s break it down

Some claim that Millennials’ keenness towards self-care is a narcissistic behavior rather than an essential component to keeping our sanity. Especially in a time where we are overworked and underpaid with little time for ourselves, taking a moment to check in with yourself doesn’t seem so bad. Or are we, Millenials, being dramatic?

Social media has taken over our society. A filter covers each user’s life, leading others to believe that they aren’t good enough. Although being very aware that we do this ourselves, sometimes it’s hard to remember that Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are highlight reels of probably a very average life. This stresses people out and feelings of not being “good enough” helped spark the rise of self-care.

With the obsession of posting how we are spending our “Me Time,” the whole concept seems a little hypocritical. Would everyone still drop as much money at Lush for their baths or make sure their messy bun looked as perfectly careless if images of it didn’t get littered online? Maybe, but not likely.

Now, I am not telling anyone to forget about self-care or that their “Me Time” is worthless. But, it’s time to rethink what we are actually getting out of it. Do we feel relieved, less stressed, and overall happier after we post a picture of ourselves by the fireplace and wait for likes? If you can post those pictures and then go back to finding your zen without worrying about what will come from that post, then all the power to you! If not, it might be a good idea to put down the phone and reflect on what your mind and body needs.

Unplug. Unwind. Understand.

Self-care is important.  Go buy that bath bomb, but instead of taking a video of fizz, enjoy the warmth of the water and the beauty of the colors filling the tub. Light those candles but before you snap a picture of that new novel you picked up, read a few chapters and give yourself time to really sink into the words and empathize with the characters. Feel like picking up an extra early morning yoga class? Leave the phone at home and spend a few minutes before class to breathe, meditate and find your focus.

Remember to listen to your mind and body to figure out what you really need. Figure out what your hobbies are or what makes you happiest. Reserve those things for moments when you really need it and throw the social media aside for awhile. Devote your whole self to that act and the results will follow. “Me Time” is important and how you spend it makes all the difference.

Take a moment.



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